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ISIDA Clinic is the largest women's health and family planning center in Ukraine. During 24 years of its work, 110 000 people have become our patients. In 2014 only the number of initial visits was 12,000. 4 Kyiv-based clinics with a total area of 10,000 m2 and the most advanced diagnostic, laboratory and medical equipment allowed tens of thousands of women to experience the joy of motherhood, bringing the harmony back into their lives. Over 600 employees, 90 of whom are the most experienced doctors provide care to our patients.

ISIDA Clinic is one of the pioneers in Ukrainian infertility treatment services. The clinic started its work by helping the patients to find a solution to this problem 24 years ago. The excellent success rates, growing donor database and reasonable prices are among the reasons why foreign patients choose our clinic. Over the past 5 years, the clinic has performed 5,456 cycles for the patients from 77 countries. A lot of them have returned to us, wishing to expand their family further.

The clinic operates in accordance with European treatment protocols while maintaining an individual approach to each patient. Our team uses all of its knowledge and experience to make the desired result possible.

Emotions are one of the key factors in the occurrence of pregnancy. The International Patients Service Center available in the clinic will make sure that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire treatment. In case you need a help of a psychologist, he/she will be at your service.

The long-term experience has shown how important it is for the families to not only get pregnant but also to be able to carry the pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. To make this possible, the clinic has a female counseling center, maternity and neonatal departments.

The international ISO 9001 Quality Certification сonfirms professionalism of our medical staff and international standards of treatment.

It is easy to start treatment in ISIDA Clinic. You can easily check out which services you need and find out the cost of the treatment right away. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate writing us. We will be happy to respond to you as fully as possible. Our pricing is transparent. If you are not recommended to undergo any additional check-ups, not only the cost of services but also the cost of medications and donor selection will be included in the price calculated for you.

We develop and improve

We constantly invest our time and effort into training and professional growth of our medical staff. Our fertility specialists are the members of international associations who regularly participate in conferences on IVF technologies, undergo training in the world’s leading IVF clinics, confirm and upgrade their qualifications, as well as train colleagues from other medical centers. We conduct systematic nursing staff training, as well as carry out training sessions and internships.

Having expertise in the field of IVF technologies and providing highest-quality medical services, we implement the principle of continuity in operation of different departments and services in the clinic. Thanks to this continuity we achieve optimal medical results and create the most comfortable conditions for the patients.

We work in accordance with international standards

ISIDA clinic has ISO 9001 International Quality Certification which confirms not only the professional level of doctors, but also the treatment standards. We are the first Ukrainian clinic certified according to the international standard with the involvement of foreign experts. For over 9 years now, we have been taking a yearly examination for compliance with the standards adopted in Europe, and every time thanks to diligent work aimed at improvement we get highly estimated by the experts.

"Motivated and competent employees are working in ISIDA. I was amazed at the high quality of ISIDA standards,” says Bruno Imturm, Swiss auditor and expert in the field of reproduction, obstetrics and gynecology.

"I consider ISIDA performance figures to be extremely successful and solid, being at the level of recognized leader in IVF treatment, on par with the world's leading clinics."

We advocate ethics and environmental friendliness in our approach

We are trusted with the most precious thing in life - a dream of having a baby. It is important for you to know that the people to whom you entrusted this dream can make it a reality. We provide a strong foundation for this. Our patients are positive that they will be prescribed only those medications and procedures that are really required in their particular case and the effectiveness of which is confirmed by international and in-house research. Treatment is performed based on certain protocols acting as evidential standards worldwide.

We aim for the result

Our efforts are focused on turning your dreams of having a baby into reality. An individual approach is a key principle in our work for each patient is unique. In our clinic, we have everything to make your wish of getting pregnant come true: infertility treatment department with embryo ward, day patient ward, own ORs for additional diagnostic or surgical correction using endoscopic methods, own laboratories where clinical and genetic studies are carried out, karyogram of the patients and screening of the embryo (PGD). In our clinic, you will be accompanied by an employee of the International Patients Service Center assigned to you during your stay.

Extensive and diverse clinical experience of the doctors gives us grounds for confidence in the positive results, even in the most severe cases. Not only do we constantly improve ourselves and enrich our experience but we also share experience gained during many years of using the ART with our colleagues.

Your comfort is the key to successful treatment and we do our very best to provide it for you.

ISIDA is the largest private woman's health and family planning center in Ukraine.

ISIDA is the largest private woman's health and family planning center in Ukraine.

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